Tips with measurable outcomes

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The National, Wednesday 09th November 2011

IN the past fortnight, I had a handful of people telling me that they enjoyed the items in this column.
They included a former school teacher, a school counsellor, a guidance officer, a newspaper staff and an accountant, most of whom are parents.
I met the former school teacher from Buka, named Lawrence, when I visited a relative who came from Manus to attend the same workshop as Lawrence.
He says he buys The National and makes sure he gets his Wednesday’s copy for this column.
That is a big compliment, Lawrence.
The school counsellor told me that his students appreciated the exam tips that I had written in the past few weeks.
It is my hope that what I write here is not just another piece of reading material but also provide tips that will have measurable outcomes.
The student who puts into practice the tips provided to study mathematics will see a change in her marks.
From a “C” student, she can work her way up to the “B” and “A” bracket of students.
And the worker who works on her attitude and ethics may find herself being promoted or given more responsibilities in her field of work.
All of these are relevant to the modern times as well as to cases in PNG. In another way, the tips are PNG-made but gleaned
from many sources.
In the coming weeks, I will discuss topics on career choices and job performance.
It is my wish in this section to give you tips and thoughts so that you can strive to better yourself.
The newspaper worker said he cut out the item on Steve Jobs and stuck it on his wall because the item had touched him.
I told him that he was not the first to say that and it would be my wish to continue to motivate people like him until they achieved what they wished for – academic success or employment progress.  
The tips are not all originally mine; some of them were given to me by good teachers – in the school room and outside it – and those tips had measurable outcomes.
The good news for you, if you like reading Learn and Live, is I am in the process of compiling items shared in this section in a book form.
I will let you know more about the plan later.
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