Tired of celebrating without real change


TO be independent means to be able to make your own choices.
It means Papua New Guinea shouldn’t be in excessive debt and be subjected to influence from foreign powers.
Or should not be greedy.
National wealth should be distributed equally across the board.
Independence should be shown in the way we manage things.
Good management can give us a good reason to celebrate Independence.
Independence should be shown in our education system and in our legal system.
Our education should be reaching new levels, especially in science and technology.
Independence should be shown in our legal system through implementing new laws such as the death penalty in order to control crime and reduce expenditure on preventing crime.
Are we really celebrating independence or are we pretending to be free when we are still in bondage and oppression of corruption?
Flags are raised in battles when battles are won.
For PNG, what have we won?
Instead of moving forward in prosperity and success, our leaders and others in authority have became self-centred and are controlled by greed.
The people of PNG are sick and tired of celebrating independence without feeling that they are truly part of a great nation.

Rodney Noruma

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