Tisa highlights achievements


THE Teachers Savings and Loan Society (Tisa) recorded an unaudited total asset of K835 million at the end of last year, says chief executive Michael Koisen.
He said Tisa had quietly earned the status of being the largest credit union in PNG.
Koisen told The National that the loan portfolio accounts for 27 per cent (K227 million) of the asset size.
“This is our core business, where we lend to our loyal members around the country, mostly teachers and government workers,” he said.
“Our lending rates have been at 12 per cent per annum on our loan products.
“The standard term of the loans is three years repayable.
“The delinquency on loan book over recent times has been averaging below 5 per cent indicating a very good asset quality by comparison to market.”
Koisen said the equity portfolio accounted for 36 per cent (K293 million) of the total assets.
“The portfolio has quoted and unquoted shares.
The largest equity investment Tisa has is in Bank South Pacific Ltd valued at K180,438,571.
“The value of portfolio is highly volatile reacting to movement in share price on PomSox (PNG’s Stock Exchange) and also on annual performance of the investee,
“Tisa earns dividends and capital gains from this class of investment.” He said the other debt instrument portfolio accounts for 19 per cent (K154million) of total asset portfolio and relates to short to medium term interest bearing deposits held with the Bank of PNG and other authorised financial institutions.
“The rates of return on average are between 1 per cent to 7 per cent with placement terms from one month to 36 months,” Koisen said.


  • I have contributed to this organisation for over 15 years, yet benefit nothing. The loan available is like ones savings being lend to the owner and interest is charged for lending his/her savings again. Teachers and others who have joined the organisation have used to further the interest of so called directors and CEO. Ask a simple question to a member. Have you been helped build/ buy a home? Nil. Or Have you been given a loan of a substantial among capable getting you start self help projects? Nil

  • I have ceased membership as of November 2019 and up to now – March 2020, have not yet been paid my contributed funds.

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