Tisa promoting culture of savings nationwide


THE Teacher Savings and Loans Society (Tisa) celebrated World Credit Union Day yesterday at the Port Moresby centre.
Tisa head of special projects Igimu Momo reminded the staff of the importance of promoting the savings culture in Papua New Guinea as part of the global credit union movement.
“We take this Credit Union Day seriously,” Momo said.
“Tisa has become prominent and well known even to people in the village.
“You all represent the credit union movement. There is not too much of a savings culture.
“In Tisa and other savings and loans society, we are encouraging people to save.
“The current economic circumstance is where everybody wants to come and take out a loan. But they do not think about savings.
“So, it is part of our responsibility to encourage them to save.
“We want to spread that savings culture and Tisa wants to make sure that people down on the community level experience our service and importantly benefit from it.”

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