Tkatchenko: Assets from Apec to go on tender

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LANDS and Apec Minister Justin Tkatchenko says the PNG Apec Coordination Authority will cease by the end of this year and all its assets, including the Maseratis, will all be disposed of through public tender.
Tkatchenko told a media conference in Port Moresby yesterday that vehicles and other assets purchased and donated to the PNG Government for use during the Apec meetings would be audited and tendered.
He said the Government through the Apec authority was currently doing a stocktake and audit on all the vehicles and equipment donated by bilateral and development partners and donors as well as those that were being purchased by the government.
“We are looking at donating it to districts and provinces throughout the country that really need them,” said Tkatchenko.
He said some vehicles like Prados and executive cars donated by Ela Motors just for use during Apec were returned.
“For the Maseratis, they will be sold through public tender and that will be done through the Central Supplies and Tenders Board (CSTB).
“The Government is not interested in keeping this fleet and it will all be sold out through public tender to recoup the money that was spent.”
Tkatchenko said the Apec authority would cease to exist by the end of next month.

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