Tkatchenko boosts police operation with K10,000 fuel supply


MORESBY South MP Justin Tkatchenko yesterday donated K10,000 to the Koki Fish Market Puma Service Station to supply fuel to the Zone 3 police command to support police operations in the National Capital District (NCD).
He said the fuel would be used by police in the electorate to do their duties.
The fuel would be used by the zone’s 14 vehicles. “This is very important that we now have the state of emergency declared in our country due to the health crisis and due to coronavirus,” Tkatchenko said.
“The police will be patrolling the city to keep it safe and in order during the state of emergency and also making the electorate safe and sound for now and for the years to come.” He said the district had allocated over a million kina for the law and justice sector and the money allocated for the fuel came from that budget.
Tkatchenko said Puma Energy would be supply fuel to the service station.
Assistance Commissioner of Police for the National Capital District and Central Anthony Wagambi Jr commended Tkatchenko for the initiative because policing required mobility to be reactive (responding to complaints) and proactive (doing routine patrols) to situations.
He said fuel and vehicles were always issues with the force but with partnerships with districts and MPs, police would be able to do their job.

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