Tkatchenko: Butuka Academy on State land

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LANDS and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko says the Butuka Academy is located on State land.
He refuted claims that the land was customary, saying that Allotment 17 and 18, Section 128 – Matirogo – was State land and both allotments were under a certificate authorising occupancy under the Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs for education purposes.
According to information from the department, the process of transfer to the National Capital District under a special purpose lease for education institutional purpose had begun and would be completed soon.
“That land since 1987 was under the Department of Provincial Affairs, who requested for a school and facility for health,” Tkatchenko said.
“The land has always been State land and there was no indication whatsoever that it was customary land.”
Tkatchenko said an investigation by the department had proven that all the land files for Butuka had been recovered and that confirmed that “it was 100 per cent State land”.
He said he had numerous meetings with all the villagers of Kira Kira and informed them that it was State land.
“If they had any documentation that states otherwise, they should forward it to me and I have an open door policy, and I’m more than happy to go through the proper process to see if there were any grievances from the customary landowners.”
Tkatchenko said any teacher found enrolling students illegally at Butuka Academy would be charged, disciplined and be removed.
“All those teachers who fraudulently enrolled any student into Butuka Academy will be charged,” he said. “We cannot allow this because this has resulted in the problem we are facing now.”