Tkatchenko disregards previous NHC arrangements


ALL contractual engagements for the National Housing Corporation have been deemed “unsolicited roadside agreements” by Minister for Housing and Urban Development Justin Tkatchenko.
Tkatchenko said as part of the clean-up within the corporation, the management was looking at “all previous contractual engagements for services provided to both the corporation and the National Housing Estates Ltd.
He said it seemed that some of the engagements were word-of-mouth and handshake agreements.
He said those arrangements were made for the benefit of a few in the executive and the senior leadership.
“These unsolicited roadside agreements have all ceased,” Tkatchenko said.
“We will no longer spend money on services like unnecessary hire cars and minor contracts.
“It seems the promoters and perpetrators of these illegal agreements wave illegal invoices and illegal claims.
“They think that this will warrant them to get paid in any way possible.
“This cargo cult business practice will cease.
“I have (issued a direction) that they take whatever claim they have to the courts to prove they have a legitimate engagement.
“We have severed unnecessary jobs.
“We have severed unnecessary work scope.
“We have pulled back on non-essential services.
“We have even demolished sample homes that drained unnecessary utility costs from the Tokarara headquarters facility.”


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