Tkatchenko hails Joyce Bay volleyball officials

Justin Tkatchenko

MORESBY South MP Justin Tkatchenko acknowledged Joyce Bay volleyball officials and players for promoting sportsmanship during the Independence JT Cup competition.
Tkatchenko also commended the tournament committee for their accountability in distributing K20,000 in prize monies to the 16 teams that participated.
He said previous only the grand finalists and minor place getters benefitted with remaining balance of funds misused.
The MP said accountability and transparency was a big problem but this committee had proven to be honest, trustworthy and fair.
Tkatchenko said he was proud that the Independence Cup programme was trouble free and played in the true spirit of sportsmanship.
“This is a community-orientated activity and the teachers from Kila Kila Secondary and Primary School should be involved and support it with the schools’ administration as partners,” Tkatchenko said.
He said the sports would continue with the inclusion of basketball and touch football tournaments.
Joyce Bay is dominated by Western and Gulf people but has people from other provinces there.
Tkatchenko said he was committed to developing communities with sport playing a role in this endeavour.
Joyce Bay Roosters participate in the Moresby South Rugby League with their A grade missing out on a playoff spot when the competition next month (Nov 5).