Tkatchenko launches electorate’s adult clinic book

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

THE Member for Moresby South Justin Tkatchenko  (pictured) launched adult clinic books last Thursday for people in the electorate to ensure they benefit from the improved services being provided.
The launch of the books at the Kaugere Health Centre, would ensure that people in the electorate were given priority at the facility because there has been an influx of people from other parts of the city and Central drawn to Kaugere Health Centre.
Tkatchenko devised the initiative of the adult clinic book after Kaugere Health Centre reported an increased in number of patients coming from outside the electorate.
“I have funded health care services in the Moresby South electorate through the utilisation of District Services Improvement Programme funds, which are specifically for my people of Moresby South,” Tkatchenko said. The Kaugere Health Centre, apart from its professional staff of doctors and nurses, provides free health care and medical treatment and it’s statistically proven to pull in people from all over Port Moresby and Central.
However, with the influx, Tkatchenko said priority number was his people of Moresby South.
“The medical staff of Kaugere Health Centre in my electorate are doing such an amazing job that we are attracting people from North-East and North-West electorates including people from Central,” he said.
“The scenario now is that I’ve launched these adult clinic books where my people of Moresby South can be prioritised when receiving health care at the centre.
“The funds that are utilised for the provision of health care is for the people of Moresby South and these medical books will allow my people to receive free medical help here.”