Tkatchenko returns to give voters water


THREE communities in Sabama launched their water upgrade project last week, thanks to Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko.
Tkatchenko said that it was an honour to return to the communities of Sabama for the first time since he won the election to start the process of resolving water issues at Dodo Heights, Bundi Camp and surrounding areas once and for all.
Eda Ranu staff went with him.
“My return to Sabama is the beginning of another five-year journey for real changes for these communities in the Moresby South electorate,” Tkatchenko said.
“Our ongoing and strong partnership with Governor Powes Parkop and NCDC, Eda Ranu, and our communities has again resulted in this water upgrade project”
“The payment of K242,531.76 to Eda Ranu will ensure that an upgraded water service will cater for the growing households of Sabama, Dodo Heights and Bundi Camp first-up.”
Tkatchenko said the programme would eventually reach out to the surrounding communities and the rest of Moresby South electorate.