Tkatchenko says 30pc of special leases cancelled

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LANDS and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko says 30 per cent of the Special Agriculture Business Leases have been cancelled, and about 60 per cent are still in court.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa, pictured, had asked if there were major issues with the landowners and the developers who had taken these matters to court making it difficult for the SABLs to be cancelled.
“We are waiting for these cases to conclude so that they can get a final outcome for the benefit of the landowners as well as the investors,” Tkatchenko said.
“There are some good SABLs working with the landowners and investors that are working well. It is a serious issue for landowners in PNG.
“They are a minority but I can give you the guarantee.
“We set up a committee sanctioned by the prime minister and National Executive Council to investigate over 100 SABL cases that were pending over many years. It’s my aim and objective to finally see the conclusion of these corrupt practice of using SABLs for people’s own personal greed and gain.”
Tkatchenko said the department had stopped the issuing of SABLs.
“Before the end of the year I would like to have a full report on all the SABLS,” he said.
“The committee is headed by the senior lands department officers, state solicitors, members from the provincial affairs and Constitutional and Law Reform Commission to ensure that we
get a bipartisan and neutral approach to assessing each individual case.”

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