Toilet, shower in town

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The National, Tuesday February 25th, 2014

 MENDI town, in Southern Highlands, has a new public toilet and shower – the first since it was established as a township decades ago.

And it is all thanks to Governor William Powi, who provided the funding for the new facilities.

Mendi does not have any public toilets. Town manager Steven Timo approached the provincial government which allocated K500,000 to build a toilet and shower.

Contractor Simply Blue Colour Construction is expected to complete the project this week.

Mendi town project coordinator Naik Baski said since the establishment of the town during the colonial days, people did not have access to such facilities.

“This forced them to ask friends working in offices to use their toilets or use nearby bushes, which was unhygienic,” Bask said.

He said it was one of the best projects the provincial government had funded because it would benefit the general public.

“This has changed the image of the town and I thank the provincial government under the leadership of Governor Powi. My appeal to the general public is to look after it,” he said.

Baski said females put themselves in danger when they had to go to the bush to relieve themselves in the past.