Toka: Facilities important for early childhood education

Dadi Toka Jr

EDUCATION facilities are the important resources for early childhood education, says Motu Koita Assembly chairman Dadi Toka Jr.
He was at the opening of a new four-in-one classroom at Tatana Primary School last week.
Toka said students had aspirations and dreams to become somebody in the future and a good learning environment would boost their chances of achieving their dreams.
He said it was a first project for the Motu Koita Assembly.
Toka thanked the primary school for the swift building of the classroom.
“That is the new Motu Koita Assembly,” he said.
“We make a commitment and we deliver on it.
“That is going to be the difference.”
The classroom cost more than K2 million.
School board chairman Dick Henao said their priority was to provide the children good quality education.
“Students (should) look after the facilities as a lot of time and commitment was needed to build it,” Henao said.
He said for the children to have quality education, they needed good classrooms.