Tokura takes over NCD/Central police command

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The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012

FRANCIS Tokura is the new police commander in the National Capital District and neighbouring Central.

He succeeds Fred Sheekiot who is taking up his new posting as Assistant Commissioner of Police – Policy and Planning.

Sheekiot has urged all officers to give their undivided support and loyalty to Tokura saying changes are made by the commissioner and as disciplined officers they have to obey.

Tokura promised to make changes in the existing command structure, even if there is lack of performance and support.

His immediate priorities are to:

Undertake a manpower audit of the number of officers under his command;

Find out if police station commanders and section heads have crime-fighting strategies;

Find out why uniformed policemen who did not pass out from Police College were manning the police stations and doing police jobs;

Take stock of police resources and logistics, especially vehicles, so that they are used for official purposes; and,

Tokura expects dedication, discipline and professionalism from police officers under his command.

"I will provide the leadership required for this command but I cannot do it alone,’’ he said.

Re-introduce the position of "duty inspector" to monitor absenteeism, under-performance, dressing standard and other work-related issues.