Tomscoll doesn’t care about own people

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

I WRITE to support Nembem Mam of Madang who raised a concern on Tommy Tomscoll’s absence in the district (Feb 5).
There  is something fishy going on with the Middle Ramu MP on administrative and financial matters of the district.
Tomscoll has yet to set foot in the electorate since his 2012 election victory.
As the reporter clearly stated  and  I  am  confirming that all the JPBPC meetings have been conducted in Port Moresby.
Tomscoll used electorate funds to fly in council presidents, council managers, the district administrator and finance officers for the meetings.
Why not conduct the meeting in Aiome, which is much cheaper?
Is he using boomerang tactics to recoup funds into his hotels, restaurants and hire cars in the city?
My fellow people from Kovon, Simbai, Arabaka  and Josephstall LLGs, our MP is not concerned about us or fighting for our rights.
Because of our high illiteracy rate compounded by continuous ignorance on significant issues, the MP has the upper hand.
Also, the so-called bodyguards and ‘bigmen’ of  Simbai  have let us down.
How  many  of   these  people  have permanent houses and luxury vehicles in towns and cities?
On the financial issue, I kindly request an audit team (if not, the Task Force Sweep team) be deployed to the Aiome district office to audit expenditures in the last one and a half years.
There  are hardly any tangible developments or impact projects.
Sadly,  the  electorate will remain underdeveloped under the MP’s such negligent leadership.

Jason A
Port Moresby