Tomuriesa calls for unity to build district


THE member-elect for Milne Bay’s Kiriwina-Goodenough Douglas Tomuriesa has called on his fellow candidates to work with him to bring development to Kiriwina and Goodenough.
Tomuriesa told The National that he looked forward to maintaining the human resource in Kiriwina and Goodenough.
“Scholarships that we offered to our young people on the islands have brought them far,” he said.
“I think this left a good impression on the people about my contribution in developing human resource in the district.”
Tomuriesa said each candidate in the election had the same goals of developing Kiriwina-Goodenough and invited them to work with him.
He appealed to the people of the district to work towards to build a better district and not hold grudges against one and other.
“I would very much appreciate a well-coordinated Kiriwina-Goodenough led by all of us and not
having anyone turn against me for unnecessary court files as was the case in previous elections,” he said.
Tomuriesa said the court challenges only served to waste time and keep the elected MP from representing the people in Parliament and helping bringing development to the district.
He retained his seat with 9,555 votes and surpassing the absolute majority plus one of 9,025.

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