Tondop: Defective vehicles to go

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All defective vehicles on the roads will be removed, NCD metropolitan commander chief Supt Joseph Tondop warned last week.
He said this was one of the measures when special operation Daunim Hevi got under way in Port Moresby.  
Tondop stressed that police and land transport inspectors would collaborate as most defective vehicles contributed to accidents.
“There are far too many vehicles not worthy to be on the roads being used,” he said.
The National understands the cost of the operation was under the recurrent budget although NCD Central Command has asked police headquarters to provide additional funding.
Tondop said one problem was mobility for his men to cover the city.
“We have a limited number of vehicles to respond to criminal activities as they are happening,” he said. 
Operation Daunim Hevi is focused on ensuring public places are safe as well as responding to armed robberies in Port Moresby.
He said criminals were using other vehicles to carry out the crimes.