Tondop: Enjoy the season responsibly

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The National – Friday, December 17, 2010

NCD Metropolitan Supt Joseph Tondop urged the public to respect and support police operations during the Christmas and New Year period.
Tondop issued orders to be executed by respective operational commanders in the city on Wednesday during a conference.
He confirmed that more than 1,000 policemen and women would be designated to various locations to ensure that all traffic rules were obeyed. 
“About 400-500 personnel will be on call at any time until the New Year,” he said.
He said that police would be on alert for criminal elements likely to create unlawful activities especially during this time of the year.
“Police will be out in full force covering all areas in the city including public places such as bus stops and major shopping centres, major highways and settlements,” he said.
“I appeal to the public to behave and celebrate in the true spirit of Christmas,” he said.
“Individuals who decide to celebrate within their private residences must ensure that no disturbances are caused.”
He also said people returning from functions not to drive under the influence of alcohol, and police who solicit funds from motorists at roadblocks must be reported.