Tondop warns firms moving cash

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 16th November 2011

BUSINESS houses in the National Capital District have been warned to take extra care because of an increase in hold-ups by thugs in the city.
NCD metropolitan commander Supt Joseph Tondop said companies should take extra care when moving large amounts of cash.
“Companies dealing with large amount of cash must be careful when moving around,’’ he said.
“Prior arrangements must be done to convey money from place to place as the city has been hit by armed hold-ups and thieves walking away with substantial amounts of money.”
He referred to an incident last Friday at 6-Mile, where a company lost the wages of its employees after a hold-up by thugs.
Tondop said unknown youths who were armed with factory-made guns and bush knives threatened the three female employees of a company and fled with more than K12,000, and  other personal effects.
Tondop said as we approached the festive season, companies and individuals must be very careful with people they did business with and seek escorts when moving large amounts of cash such as to or from the banks.
He reiterated the lack of resources to fight crime in the city, including a shortage of manpower. So there police could not be at all corners of the city at any one time.
NCD residents, as they approached the festive period, should be aware that they will be an influx of people from the provinces including students who would like to spend Christmas in the city with their relatives and parents, he said.
He said criminals and opportunists would target them because they were new to the city.
“I appealed to all the genuine and respected citizens of the city to be cautious about your properties and siblings.
“If your siblings are going out of the house, they must let the guardians or parents know as to where they are going and with whom, particularly girls.”
He said there have been many complaints of children being sexually assaulted in recent weeks and as responsible parents, they must warn their children about these hooligans.