Tongamp’s leadership falls short in advancing Jiwaka

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 WILLIAM Tongamp was elected into the Jiwaka governor’s office about eight months ago, but to date  has not set any sensible plans to move the new province forward. 

One may wonder what good the governor has to offer in the last leadership summit in Port Moresby, where governors around the country discussed issues affecting their respective provinces and the country. 

The nuisance which the governor creates by imposing his doctorate  qualifications in mining engineering  to gain political scores is nothing but a  gimmick. 

We, the educated elites of the province, are sick and tired of seeing him make a mockery on grandstands, pledging donations everywhere and never living  up to them. 

One such laughing joke is the commitment of K1 million to support an ordinary association group in Kindeng last year, which has yet to be honoured. 

The unpopular decision to declare Kurumul as the provincial headquarters of Jiwaka is another such decision, which reflects the lack of research and wisdom. 

How can it be possible when the Kurumul land is still under an agricultural lease of 99 years and is under someone’s name? 

It is now of public interest that the governor explains  who  the  landlords are. 

Additionally, the new province needs the Kurumul coffee plantation as one of its major source of income and destroying it for the headquarters is weird and utter nonsense. 

It is imperative that the governor  work  in consultation with all concerned stakeholders, especially Jiwakan MPs like Fabian Pok whose qualification, knowledge  and experience in running government bureaucracy is widely acknowledged, if he really wants to show some integrity and leadership as the provincial chief executive officer. 


Konumb Kaa, Via email