Toni calls for compulsory registration

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The National, Friday June 21st, 2013

 IT will be compulsory for all citizens to register with the National Civil Registry office to assist with planning and development of the country, Community Development, Youth and Religion Minister Loujaya Toni says.

She said the registry office existed to protect the rights and interests of all citizens who have legally settled their citizenship status.

“A birth certificate is stipulated under the provision of the Civil Registry Act to access basic services as health, education, politics, business, travelling, agriculture and residency.

“It is of utmost importance that every citizen must possess a birth certificate in order to access services and qualify as a citizen of PNG,” Toni said in a statement yesterday.

She said in the future, only those people with birth certificates would be allowed to compete for services rendered in the country.

“On the same token, I must stress that only those persons whose name appears in the civil registry record will be allowed to take part in elections including, candidates and voters,” Toni said.

Birth registry is free but to obtain an authentic birth certificate, everyone must pay K15 into the provincial and district treasury office and Toni urged all citizens to register themselves through their provincial and district civil registry office.

“Anyone found without birth registry certificate will automatically be disqualified and we are working with the Electoral Commission commissioner to enforce this,” the minister said.

Toni said the registry office, which comes under the Community Development Department, would be working in close collaboration with the Electoral Commission to accept nomination fees.