Toni orders probe into ‘missing’ K60,000

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The National, Thursday 2nd May 2013


LAE MP Loujaya Toni has ordered an investigation into a “missing” K60,000 from her discretionary funds.

Toni, the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Religion, allocated K100,000 for a reconciliation programme for the youths of Bumbu and Bumayong.

She said she had instructed Lae district administrator Robin Calistus to withdraw the funds in December last year.

Speaking during the grievance debate in the Morobe Tutumang (provincial assembly) on Wednesday, Toni said that because the youth groups had no bank account, the cheques were raised and deposited into a personal account of a woman (name withheld), the wife of a policeman in Lae.

The monies were allocated during joint district planning and budget priority committee (JDP&BPC) meeting.

But, the local MP was left in the dark about how the money was spent for its intended purposes until she was advised later that nothing had eventuated.

Toni revealed the probe to Morobe Governor Kelly Naru, Deputy Governor Morokoi Gaiwata and parliamentarians Sam Basil (Bulolo), Bob Dadae (Kabwum), Mao Zeming (Tewai-Siassi) and Gisuwat Siniwim (Nawaeb).

“Investigations are underway to reveal those involved to justify to whose account the monies were deposited and used for what purposes,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dadae and Basil asked for a central and effective communication system to be established at the provincial headquarters to connect all MPs, presidents, administrators, programme advisers and the district administrators.

“Such systems, if in place will allow for swift communication to inform national MPs about issues such as unrest so that leaders can  discuss and share ideas to find workable solutions,” Dadae said.