Too many dirty hands in honey pot

Letters, Normal

I AGREE with “PNG futurist’ (The National, Feb 11) about the raising of K600 million from bonds by SHP Governor Anderson Agiru. 
While commending my governor’s achievements for SHP, there is a big problem at the public service in the province. 
Many public servants are not performing their duties and so much public funds have been misappropriated. 
Funds that are supposed to have direct impact on the people have been hijacked by so-called “contractors” and “claimants”.
For example, in my electorate, Kagua-Erave, K14 million was deposited into the district support improvement account but no tangible developments are taking place. 
All I know is the purchase of a couple of vehicles, upgrading of Kagua to Mendi via Wabi Sumi roads. 
Cheques have been written to so many “contractors” and certain individuals but they do not seem to have done anything at all.
I do not know about other districts but I appeal to the governor to put in place strategic development plans to curb such poor and corrupt practices in public service. 
If this can be done, that K600 million raised overseas, if obtained can be well delivered to the designated projects and people will really enjoy the benefits.
One suggestion is for the governor to set up an audit task committee in the province to check whether public funds are well spent in the districts. 
And we need transparent and reliable Southern Highlanders to be in this team.

Sana Nai