Too many imported vehicles on city streets

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The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013

 THE increasing number of imported second-hand vehicles has raised concerns in Parliament about traffic problems and hazards faced in major cities and towns. 

Tambul-Nebliyer MP Benjamin Poponawa asked during question time yesterday whether the Government through the Transport Department had effective measures to control the influx of these vehicles into the country. 

He said the result of that was evident on the roads in cties and towns where there was heavy traffic congestion.

Transport Minister Ano Pala said the Government was concerned and had imposed duty on vehicle imports which had doubled over the years. 

However, this had not prevented the people from buying more vehicles as car prices became cheaper, he said. 

Pala said the Government should consider the interest of the travelling public and the conditions of the roads and demands placed on the public road systems. 

He said an effective way to address the problem was through policies on registration and safety standards of vehicles. 

He said there were three different sets of policies that governed vehicle safety, registration, licensing (including taxis and PMVs) that has caused problems. 

The minister said his department would put in place a strategy that would look at these areas of regulation so they were managed and administered properly under one policy. 

“I want to assure the Parliament and MPs plus the travelling public that a transport policy will be put in place shortly to address this problem,” Pala said.

“In order to address this, we need to look at the interests of the travelling public, business houses, the industry itself and potential Papua New Guinean buyers. And this strategy aims to bring all under one system so that all are addressed constructively. 

“The Government will address this problem comprehensively.”