Too much money spent on one project

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 MUCH has been publicised in the media in relation to the K800 million Lae-Nadzab Highway, even though we appreciate the current government’s priority in infrastructure development

I think this money is too much to inject into just one single project compared  with  in terms of fair distribution of projects’ funds for road construction and maintenance in the country.

Can Peter O’Neill reduce the costing and provide only two-lane roads to minimise accidents and traffic flow and divert some of those to our rural roads that desperately need maintenance at present?  

Why concentrate and waste so much funds on a single road project? 

Our district roads such as Garaina, Wau-Bulolo, Menyamya-Aseki, Wantoat, Boana, Wasu-Kabwum, Gagidu-Sialum and Gagidu-Pindiu are in disrepair and need urgent funding for upgrading and maintenance. 

We, in the rural areas of Morobe province are a part of Papua New Guinea and we want proper road system established and linked up with Lae so that we can sell our fresh garden produce and cash crop  such as coffee. 

This will enhance our livelihoods and promote informal sector.

It will also realise the meaning of “2013 as the year of service delivery and implementation” as frequently preached and boasted by the current government and its bureaucrats in workshops and conferences.