Too much politicking in the highlands

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the recent comments and reports about Don Polye going for the top post.
It is time for the government to give the highlands leader a chance by testing his capabilities.
According to National Alliance’s laws and policies, the regional leader who has and/or comes with the highest number of members after any national elections should automatically get the PM’s post.
Polye, as the Highlands’ NA leader, had the highest number of elected members from the region.
By right, he should have been given or voted as PM after the 2007 national election.
But it went to Sir Michael Somare.
In the past, MPs from the highlands, like my MP John Pundari, came close.
Likewise, Polye may also fail and fall into the same basket because of our (Enga) “politics and politicking culture” (nengipi and nanengipi).
Based on these facts (as revealed by Peter Kanaparo about Enga politics in three different research articles published in three different international journals), the PM’s post will not go to the highlands, especially Enga, because: 
* In the 2004 governor-general election, the nengipi team in parliament and outside supported the late Sir Albert Kipalan and he was the GG for several hours. However, the nanengipi teams in parliament and outside nullified the process and procedures of the election in court, forcing a fresh election for GG where the nanengipi team campaigned vigorously and voted in Sir Pato Kakaraya as GG. In retaliation, the nengipi team nullified Sir Pato’s election. In the third round, Sir Paulias Matane was elected and appointed as the GG. 
* In 2000, during a vote of no-confidence, Pundari made his intentions clear but in at the last minute, he “changed the course” and nominated Sir Mekere Morauta as PM after being pressured by both the nengipi and nanengipi teams.
Pundari’s revelation of who were the causes led to his downfall during the 2002 national elections when he contested for the Enga regional seat.
Therefore, the PM’s post will not go to the highlands, especially Enga, because of “nengipi” and “nanengipi”.
Although there are political differences and infighting, we, the Aiyel and Depau clans of Kompiam-Ambum electorate would like to commend the government for appointing Pundari as mining minister.


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