Too much rugby league on TV

Letters, Normal

The National,Wednesday 17th April, 2013

 WE know that Papua New Guineans love their rugby league.

We also know that havin­g too much of the same thing for a length of time can kill the interest 

of a person. 

Therefore, I ask the two TV broadcasters in this country whether they have any plans to provide service to those who are not rugby league suppor­ters. 

One TV station is just showing too much rugby league – beginning from Thursday to the following Monday. 

If that is not an overkill, then I do not know what 

to say.

How about broadcas­ting other football codes too?

They include soccer, rugby union and Aussie rules which many Papua New Guineans enjoy watching. 

Looking at the success rate of the different sporting codes played by our teams on the international arena, one can see that it is the codes that are not well publicised and not followed by a large number of people that have truly been successful for some time now. 

One such sport would be cricket.

Come on EMTV and Kundu2 – be considerate and give other sports a fair go too. 

Those of us who are 

followers of the most skillful game of all – soccer, want international matches to be televised now. 

For example, the widely followed English Premier League matches could be shown once or twice a week. 

Just a food for thought, EMTV and Kundu2.


Wopa Soka

Port Moresby