Top civil servant arrested


MADANG police yesterday arrested and charged provincial administrator Joe Kunda with four counts of bribery while deputy administrator Paul Amera wanted in relation to the same matter has not been seen despite a police hunt.
The arrest was related to the alleged bribing of former Madang Governor James Yali to withdraw a case filed against Governor Peter Yama this week.
Assistant Police Commissioner Northern end Peter Guinness said Kunda’s charges included conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, conspiracy to commit a crime, abuse of office and official corruption, all under the Criminal Code Act.
He was released on K4,000 police bail.
Two others Joe Jeffrey and James Kangua arrested, charged and detained on Monday for allegedly offering bribes to Yali.
Both were also charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to commit a crime.
Guinness said the money used in the commission of the crime had been drawn from public coffers of Madang.
“Police will not stop from the top but will continue to find out if other public servants within the system were involved to facilitate the crime. If so, they will also pay the price,” Guinness said.
“Provincial administrators and other senior public servants are significant and prominent figures whom people down the line and general public respect.
“They hold the highest office in provinces and are duty bound to lead by example, however, their own conduct led to them being arrested.”
Guinness said the actions of the public servants had demoralised the provincial administration.
He said it was just a beginning of series of investigations into the Madang provincial government to see if other public servants down the line had partly or fully taken part in the attempted bribing of Yali.
Guinness said the money which Yali gave back to one of the suspects was for him to purchase a plane ticket to Port Moresby and meet Yama.
On their way to the airport, police intercepted and arrested the two men. Guinness appealed for Yama to present himself to Police headquarters in Port Moresby and give his side story to clear himself.
He said allegations were allegations until proven in court of law.
Guinness said the charges against the two public servants (if arrested) was a warning to other senior public servants in Northern Command to operate ethically and professionally.
“Be transparent and accountable in your respective professions, positions and never siphon people’s money for own gain by failing to provide needed services.
“Use public money where it is due for better services in the rural areas that really need those service,” he said.


  • This dummy was politically appointed to the post of PA by the culprit himself precisely to do the dirty laundry for the culprit so-called MP. The prick is his wantok, they come from the same province. Little wonder why local highly qualified career people like John Bivi were sidelined for the post.

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