Top cop commends personnel for their efforts

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 HIGLANDS divisional assistant police commissioner Teddy Tei has commended personnel for hunting down Bomana prison escapees William Kapris and Raphael 


Tei said the massive manhunt had finally come to end after the government spent a lot of money in trying to capture the two most wanted criminals.

He said they were a liability to the state and posed a threat to communities living in Port Moresby.

He said the policemen involved in the shooting deaths of the two men had not been given a shoot to kill order. 

He said they were killed in the process of being recaptured.

“I want to call on the relatives of Kapris to stop going in the media and complaining about his death,” Tei said. 

“Where were they when the government was spending money and resources to hunt for these stupid prisoners? 

“They were a real liability to this country for draining all the money that supposed to be used in other areas.”

He said the Government was trying its best to combat law and order issues in this country and people had to respect the law.

Tei said people should help police rather than condemning the good work they did. He said urban drift was responsible for the growing crime problem in cities and towns.

He said the government had passed legislation on the death penalty and that must be implemented.