Top cop praises Enga

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

POLICE have welcomed the change in peoples attitudes in Enga after this year’s elections progressed without  inter-tribal fighting and general violence against election officials and among candidates.
Provincial police commander Supt Martin Lakari told The National yesterday from Wabag that after the four open seats were declared, there had been no election-related tribal fights in the province.
“Candidates and local leaders have controlled their people well and discouraged them from attacking others for not casting their votes.” he said.
People now understood the importance of the elections and respected other people’s democratic right to elect their leaders.
“In the past, it was not the case. Straight after declarations, tribal fights erupted everywhere in the districts between supporters of rival candidates.”
Lakari commended the people for changing their mindsets resulting in peaceful polling, not interfering with the counting process and accepting the declared results for Kompiam-Ambum, Lagaip-Porgera, Kandep and Wabag.
Lakari also thanked security personnel for a job well done.
Lakari said the good working relationship between the security personnel and people resulted in peaceful elections.
He urged people to continue to cooperate with police to maintain  law and order.