Top cop says allowance funds now in

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The National , Wednesday, June 1, 2011

POLICE Commissioner Tony Wagambie is urging disgruntled mobile squad personnel providing se-curity at the LNG project sites not to quit their jobs over unpaid allowances.
He said all allowances “are still under processing and will be paid”.
Wagambie made the call after police personnel threatened to walk off their jobs over unpaid allowances.
“I have signed the requisition forms in April but the money was just paid into the department’s account last week,” he said.
“They will receive their allowance once all due processes are completed,” Wagambie said.
He rubbished claims that mobile squad personnel were collecting empty cans and bottles to pay for their soap and razor, saying they were getting their fortnightly wages.
“They get between K300 and K500 and that should be enough to support them until the allowance is ready,” Wagambie said.
“The lodge and campsite they are living in provides meals for them.”
He said the issue of allowance and entitlements “is not catered for in the Police Act and is not an entitlement by law”.
However, Wagambie said policemen and women, as public servants, “are entitled to duty allowance if they are on special assignments as it is a requirement under the Public Finance and Management Act”.
Wagambie said in special assignments, “money is made available by the government to cater for the allowance of officers as well as logistical help”. 
“In the arrangement with the developer (ExxonMobil), they are supposed to be paid K100 per day as allowance,” Wagambie said.
He said the last allowance payment was made last November.