Top female graduates to receive training with ICA


Two top female students from Divine Word University (DWU) have been offered a six month internship with the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA).
Deputy chief migration officer Esther Gaegaming was at the university’s graduation in Madang recently where she congratulated Naomi Solien and Nancy Murley on their achievement.
Both women graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Papua New Guinea Studies and International Relations
Gaegaming also presented their memorabilia prizes.
Solien received the DWU president’s award for leadership and a gold medal for outstanding academic performance for scoring a GPA (grade point average) of 3.44.
Murley scored a GPA of 3.39 and received a silver medal.
Gaegaming said this was the first time for Immigration to offer internship to university students, with both women being fortunate to be the first recipients.
“We are excited to offer this internship to the two outstanding female students and we look forward to them joining us immediately,” she said.
Chief migration officer Solomon Kantha congratulated DWU for promoting ethics, good governance and leadership.
Kantha pledged to continue the relationship with the university and the department of PNG Studies and International Relations.
Kantha said Immigration provided equal opportunity to everyone and would continue to support and assist women and girls in their professional development.
He said the two students were first to be part of our programme to train graduates, adding that over the years, the agency would work with partners, especially the universities like DWU, to train more Papua New Guineans.