Top female student aims to become engineer


KOPKOP College’s ninth grade 12 graduation on Friday saw Beatrix Buskens receive the award for academic excellence.
Buskens, from New Ireland, said she would continue to work at school with the goal of one day becoming an engineer.
Buskens came first in chemistry and second in information and communication technology (ICT), and language and literature.
She said there were competitions among thousands of grade 12s around the country for limited spaces at tertiary institutions and she focused on being the best in her class.
Buskens believe she had the potential to contribute effectively to nation building as other students in the country, irrespective of their back grounds.
Her brother Anthony Buskens Jr, also graduated with her.
Among other top performing students and award winners, was John Javapro from East Sepik, who came first in advanced mathematics, physics, ICT and biology.
New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan, who was the guest speaker at the graduation, said knowledge was the greatest power today and relevant education was needed.

One thought on “Top female student aims to become engineer

  • She can not become an engineer without excellent marks in Maths and Physics unless chemical engineering is what has been referred to here.
    Guidance teachers please advise students appropriately rather than raising hopes unnecessarily these days when university spaces are very scare for the so many grade 12 leavers.
    Can the reporter also be more responsible.

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