Top grade 10 students to attend School of Excellence: Maru

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THE top grade 10 students from high schools in the Yangoru-Saussia district of East Sepik will go on to grade 11 and grade 12 at the new School of Excellence, says MP Richard Maru.
The first batch of students is currently pursuing the mathematics and science strand at the school located at the Yangoru station this year.
The school is supported by the Australian government and built at a cost of K18 million.
The district plans to send these students to universities after completing grade 12.
“The district wanted to build the School of Excellence because only 1 per cent of students from Yangoru-Saussia get selected to universities,” he said.
“That suggested that we have a poor academic performance. So we decided to pilot a new concept called the district school of excellence.
“Out of our seven high schools in Yangoru-Saussia, the top 10 per cent will come here only if they have the academic merit and potential to enter a university. Every student who comes here is a boarding student who pays K2,000.”
Maru said work has started on the next phase of the school which would accommodate students interested in studying humanities.
“We expect 80 students to come here next year and study Economics, English or Law,” he said.


  • Mande, thanks for you being the leader and we the Yangoru/Saussia people seen the changes we have not seen before. Big thanks to all 2012 voters who fight very hard to have this man (Maru) on the top of the ladder where every body now see,taste and feel the changes in the electorate. So if we want more new changes let him go back in 2022. Trutru yumi Yangoru/Saussia kaikai mit na ino bun.I salute on what you are doing and the Lord is blessing you more and more on the changes you are doing. NEVER LIKE BEFORE

  • Mande thank you to you and the good people of Yangoru/Saussia including your powerfull DDA team. I salute you again the way you are going is you are simply starting a university in your district. Hope this must be in your plan. Yangoru saussia people you have chosen the God feared leader and now you see the changes. Keep him stay and you will have university in he District. NEVER LIKE BEFORE

  • Was a great initiative by our member in terms of equiping human resource in our district to compete to the rest of the country and the world. This is Maru greatest history of human development in his District.

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