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THE position of Chief Secretary held by Isaac Lupari will be abolished, according to Prime Minister James Marape.
It is part of the reform to restructure Government departments.
Marape told The National that Lupari, whose term ended on Feb 11, would be acting in the position for three months while the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council (NEC) underwent the restructure.
“The position of chief secretary is now abolished and Lupari is only in office for three months.
“I will appoint a secretary to the prime minister’s office and secretary to NEC.
“There will be no more chief secretaries in this country,” he said.
Marape said Lupari remained the chairman of the State negotiating team in the gas project.
“With some of the major work started, he cannot suddenly drop them. He needs to conclude them,” Marape said.
The decision to abolish the position was made in the last cabinet meeting.
“So going forward, (we are) now looking at restructuring the public service,” Marape said.
“At the moment, the head is too bloated and big.
“The feet and hands that are supposed to do the job are too malnourished in the provinces and districts.
“We want to drain Waigani of excess leadership and it starts with removing the chief secretary position.
“That’s part of the reform to strip Waigani off the fat and heavy leadership.”
Marape said all ministers had been given key performance indicators and most were “responding”.
“We are only about eight months in office.
“By the time we reach a year we will assess their performances.”


  • God bless Papua New Guinea. Thank God for this great leadership. Great job Honorable Prime Minister – James Marape

    • Just a thought, PM have you thought of a woman , Judge,solicitor, There must be a high, smart ranking woman up there that can keep the boys honest –

  • Excellent idea for KPIs for leaders in the public sector. If they don’t meet their performance goals they should be replaced. The PM is commanded for this great initiative.

  • That is the way forward. So many sections and that leaders to too much expenses for the govt.
    I would recommend key indicators for MPs too must be set in place to assess their performances. Some of them are weak and ineffective biase in distribution of DSIP Grant’s for districts.

  • Good move.

    Next move…. Direct authorities to also investigate Lupari about his dealings during O’Neill’s term. That man has real dirt on his hands.

  • Great move PM.
    A change in structure (leadership)
    Change is Policies & Protocols (systems & Processes)
    It’s a time of change.
    #Top down Approach
    #Change Management.

  • Thank you my good Prime Minister. You are a blessing for this nation. Non performing ministers should be replaced based on their KPI so there won’t be any complaints or comments of politics. I want all open members and governors of every provinces to be assessed and monitored also. If they don’t deliver project in their district and province, they should be DECIPLINED by parliament

  • That is the best decision to abolish this “chief secretaries” role, very unnecessary. Thank you Honorable Prime Minister

  • Its a wise decision PM JM and PNG aplauds you! The chief Secretary position has been a bottle neck and caused a lot of inconvenience to timely implementation of policies, programs and projects. The position was set up to serve the vested interest of those who established it.

  • “Now the engine room of most public servant department will reap the benefit and we will see some tangible changes too, thank God Almighty for such a smart move by PM Honorable James Marape.”

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