Top WOW honours for women

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The National, Friday October 17th, 2014


FIVE Papua New Guinean women have been recognised for their outstanding work and positive contribution towards the country’s development.

They were rewarded for their work on Wednesday night during the Westpac Outstanding Women’s Awards (WOW) in Port Moresby.

The awards have grown in size and popularity, reflecting its quality sponsorship, which includes The National. 

From five category winners, Lesieli Taviri took the overall honour.

Taviri won the PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Award, Esther Apuahe the Steamships Public Sector Award, Christine Josephine Cragnolini the SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award, Penny Sage-Embo the Trukai Community Responsibility Award and Mazzella Maniwavie the IBBM Young Achiever’s Award.  

Taviri is the country head of Origin Energy, providing business leadership. Her role in an emerging industry has seen her develop a business strategy to capture new markets by diversifying product offerings.

Apuahe is the country’s first female surgeon and has worked as the sole surgeon in Vanimo since graduating from medical school in 2012. 

Cragnolini owns and runs three businesses – Montina Events, Montina and Rouna Development.

Sage-Embo is the founder and project manager of Tembari Children’s Care in Port Moresby and Popondetta in Northern.

Maniwavie is a marine biologist and the only woman expert on mangroves in PNG. 

She works with the Wildlife Conservation Society in conserving PNG’s mangroves and ecosystems.

Taviri urged PNG women to make a difference given any opportunity.

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