Tornadoes and Lako have made Gavuone proud

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to thank The National for covering the Southern region nines grand final between LB Tornadoes and Rovanama and the Plate division which was won by Lako.
It was the second time Lako took the Plate home. The first was in 2005 when it participated for the first time.
This year was a good one for the sister teams Tornadoes and Lako.
The Tornadoes won the nines and Lako the Plate.
I would like to commend the man behind the success of Tornadoes.
He is local businessman Kelly Onne, who owns and operates Engineering & Construction Solutions Ltd.
He has spent a lot of money, time and commitment in the team.
He has always showed his faith in our youths and his commitment has paid off with the Southern Region Cup. 
Our legendary club Lako has existed for many years.
A young leader in the form of Roa Eovua stood up this year and made it possible for our boys to compete.
On behalf of the Gavuone community, I thank the coaching staff of LB Tornadoes and Lako for making us proud by winning the cup and plate.


Rapsey R Vagi
Port Moresby