Toroama eyes dialogue

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ABG President Ishmael Toroama (second left) sworn in by resident National Court Judge Sir Kina Bona on Friday in Buka. – Picture courtesy of Autonomous Bougainville Government

BOUGAINVILE President-elect Ishmael Toroama will conduct extensive consultations with members of the House of Representatives “so that I have the best government”.
“I will take time to consult with each elected member, elected members’ regional committees, my party caucus, my party executives and other prominent Bougainvilleans so that I have the best government that can deliver services to the people of Bougainville,” he said.
Toroama was elected last week to replace Dr John Momis who has already served the maximum two terms.
He named a three-member caretaker government comprising himself, Patrick Nisira and Therese Kaetavara to run the government affairs for the next 14 days.
“The Government selected will be ready to deliver the required services for the people of Bougainville. I believe my caretaker government is balanced and experienced.
“Its focus is on the dialogue and consultation phase with the PNG Government in preparation for the ratification process.
“After 14 days I will announce my full government with clear policy directives and plans.”
He assured the people of Bougainville and PNG that he was determined to take Bougainville forward, focusing on law and order, anti-corruption policies, the ratification process and improving fiscal self-reliance.
‘’I call on every able Bougainvillean to rally behind my caretaker government for the next 14 days until a full and permanent government is formed,’’ Toroama said.


  • As the saying goes, once you learn the ropes with the basics, the foundation is built, everything else just builds on. I would suggest you make constant consultation with the “old dogs” who have long mustered and held steadfast the basics. You have a dream that one day bougainville come good. Walk with God and you will see your dream come through

  • The past ,the present and the future.Your current situation, Where you want to be in the future and How to get there.
    Your road map to move AROB forward is now in your hands. Surround yourself with good people, on the same mission and you won’t go wrong.

  • President the dream is over and your journey has begun. With God nothing is impossible let your dream come true. Embrace His forgiveness and love that your foundation with not be moved. God bless PNG

  • Hi new President-elect of Boungainville, I truely slaute you with tears in my eyes. You are from the ‘SUN KAMAP’ region and I’m from the ‘SUN GO DAUN’ region but the regional boundaries does not make any difference when it comes to the heart to heart links. I always admired Boungainville in my heart and truely your colour contributes a very significant display to the diverse culture that we have in PNG. The colour of our skin makes PNG very diverse and unique and truely I always have that indept heart for Boungainville and never wanted it to break away from mainland PNG.
    But it has to to realization one day Boungainville will be on its own and that time has come from somesone that might rescue Boungainville out of its bondage and that someone is YOU. I am tearfully saying this because I feel that it is time for Boungainville to depart PNG.
    I salute you new President-elect and people of Boungainville. You are always in my heart no matter I’m from western end of PNG. Mi save wanbel nating tru lo yupla kawas ya. Yupla save mekim na PNG sa kamap beautiful moa.

  • President elect, Ismael. There are two permanent teachers in our lives. Experience and Mistakes.
    You will learn much more on them. Do not too many advises from people.
    Try to spend time with God meaning prayer to obtain assistance from him. Only with him you will be able to bring your people to next stage.
    Many Highly educated Papua New Guineans with various are jeopardizing are countries future.
    Therefore, President Elect do what you can and leave the rest to God.

  • We are in Peace with you President Elect, Ismael, You are chosen for such a time as this, we strongly believe that the Lord has chosen you, we are United Nation with 800 languages, that is where PNG is so unique, if you make a decision to BREAKAWAY, then our Hearts would be Broken…………..Someone can seek Gods will, is this the Lord will? God Bless PNG.

  • It is with great regret that the Bougainvillean Independence Referendum did not allow the whole PNG to vote to gauge the views of the rest of PNG. After all Bougainville is part of PNG and NOT a country by it self so it can gain independence from its colonizers, you are PNG yourselves. To leave PNG and become another nation your selves is not fair when in your lives we have worked and sweated together to build a great PNG so diverse but one.

    God has blessed this nation so much and we may be struggling during the country’s growing to nationhood and lacked somethings which caused grievances but surely we are improving and growing that one day we will be a country that is the envy of others and to see you leave PNG is a lose to our nationhood and our diversity.

    We wish you well in your drive towards an independent Bougainville.. Blessings.

  • Let me salute you for your victory President Elect and for the people of Bougenville. It is time when core values of life are tested, tried and eroded. Right is viewed as wrong and wrong is viewed as right. The socieities are going through ‘moral decaying’ and we need someone who can put things straight. Now question of morality is always answered in light of God and his existance. In otherwords, there is no morality without God. thus, my advice is if you lay the foundations of Bougenville on God’s word would be a good start. I can provide you with more advice if you like the idea.

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