Toropo: Focus on getting fit, discipline

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The National, Monday February 24th, 2014

 DISCIPLINE and physical fitness in the defence force will be addressed to establish strong leadership, commander Brig-Gen Gilbert Toropo says.

He said discipline was at the core of the force and he intended to set out a number of things to achieve it.

Toropo said physical fitness was a priority to achieve discipline for a cohesive and responsive army to be reliable and responsible to the people and the Government.

He said a fit and disciplined force would be a start to ensure strong leadership would be passed down the rank and file of the army. 

“We need to get the basics right first,” he said.

“The simple things need to be done right before other bigger issues are addressed,” he said.

Toropo said reknitting of basic uniform and equipment, rehabilitation of infrastructure plus the recruitment of more soldiers would follow.

He said allegations against soldiers for their lack of discipline in respect to three incidents would be addressed.