Torowar people recieve rice milling machine

Islands, Normal

By TAPO TOVILU DWU journalism student

A RICE milling machine was handed over to the people of Torowar in the Saposa area last Thursday.
The K7,000 machine, from the strategic economic development plan and funded by AusAID and NZAID, is to help farmers who ventured into rice planting in Soroken.
CEO of Primary Industries Sam Rangai told the farmers to remain committed to padi farming and that they should be proud of their development.
“You started it, you are the pioneers. Be proud of your efforts,” he said.
Representing the farmers to receive the machine, Bobby Soma thanked all for the initiative to ensure the farmers’ success.
 “Many of our youths will benefit greatly from this project and at the same time it will keep them busy and out of trouble,” Mr Soma said.
The machine will now help the people not only as a means of income but also as a source for rice which currently is bought from outside Bougainville.