Tough work begins now, Marape

Letters, Normal

ON behalf of the people of Tari-Pori and his supporters in general, I would like to congratulate our MP James Marape for being appointed as chairman of the Hela Transition Authority.
His appointment is a vote of confidence the Government has in him not only as the Minister for Education but also a leader in general.
It is a blessing for the people of Hela.
He now has the mandate and authority to chair and lead without fear or favour.
We are proud of his appointment and take this opportunity to thank Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.
As chairman, Mr Marape will play a pivotal role in the formation of the Hela province.
We call on him to commence his work from the outback and move inland because this is where the real Hela live, people who have been neglected of their rights to access Government services for their entire life.
It will also be good if Mr Marape can create something where Hela citizens who are now living elsewhere can return home and become partners in building a great and prosperous Hela province.
The work is now cut out for him and the tough part begins.


Piri Ekopia Angobe
Kupari village, Hela