Tourists visit Pisswara

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The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

PISSWARA Settlement, in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, came alive yesterday when a group of Italians visited.
They were led by Marco Tramati of Caspar’s Tour Guide.
The tourists mingled with locals, shared a mumu, singing songs and danced to the beat of a local string band.
“We really enjoyed the hospitality and liked the company of the friendly people for the two days we stayed in Goroka,” Tramati said.
He said their tour was facilitated by the Adventure Nel Mondo tour company in Italy and was made possible through coordination with Caspar’s Tour Guides.
Tramati thanked the Pisswara settlers who shared memorable moments with them.
Pisswara resident Richard Peter said they were happy to host Italians for the third time as their settlement comprised of people from different backgrounds all over the country.
 Papua New Guinea and by visiting there the Italians were lucky to meet people from all over the country.
Caspar’s Tour Guide director, Caspar Dama said this was the third time Italian tourists had visited Pisswara.
He thanked the tourists and settlers for the good time they had together.
“We started to get Italian tourists in 2008 and this is the third time to bring them to Pisswara settlement. We are happy to host them here,” Dama said.
There were 12 Italians, six women and six men, who visited Sepik and Tari before going to the Mt Hagen Cultural show last weekend.
After two days in Goroka, they will visit Kavieng before flying back to Italy next week.