Tournament has made Jimi folks view life positively

Letters, Normal

The National

I WOULD like to commend the sole sponsor of Narak Cup, Mai Dop.
The huge amount of money spent on the competition in Jimi, the backward part of Western Highlands, is something never seen or done before.
I would also like to thank the organisers, players and fans. All of you made this tournament a success.
Jimi, given it geographical location and economic situation, is very backward and drugs, prostitution and all other social problems are a big concern.
There is escalating growth in the usage of marijuana and homebrew, which in turn lead to a spike in HIV/AIDS infection.
Although there is no official data to prove my observation, these are the major social issues that have been bothering every man and woman in Jimi.
However, with the introduction of the Narak Cup, there is a marked change in the attitude of the younger generation over the period of the tournament.
Young men and women are beginning to view life positively.
Even after the game, life will not be the same again.
Both the young and old people of Jimi are now talking about this competition and the changes it has brought.
Drug and homebrew are no longer in-thing.
Everyone here is physically and mentally looking forward to the next season.



John Konwai
Bumbiku village, Jimi