Town mayor charged with gun offence


A TOWN mayor has been charged with being in possession of an unlicenced gun and was also found to be carrying around about K80,000 in cash, police say.
Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Operation Donald Yamasombi said Wabag town mayor Kennedy Kiak in Enga was charged after a pistol and cash were found on him.
“He was arrested on Saturday at about 11pm by police in Kundiawa.
“He allegedly put up a resistance,” he said.
“The onus is on him to prove in court if it’s a licenced firearm (and why he) resisted arrest.”
Chimbu police commander Chief Inspector Horim Piamia further explained that police had stopped Kiak’s vehicle for a check.
“But he and his passengers did not cooperate with police,” he said.
“So they were escorted to the Kundiawa police station where he was charged with being in possession of an unlicenced gun, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and driving under the influence of liquor,” he said.
Kiak remains in police custody.
“He will be investigated on why he was carrying a large amount of cash and driving at 11pm around the Kundiawa police station where the ballot boxes were kept.”

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