Town mayor wants bank

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


THE National Development Bank has been challenged to roll out its programme in Kiunga to serve the people.

Kiunga Town Mayor Wilfred Whan said Western was vast with its 14 local level governments, and three districts, therefore service delivery was an issue.

He said the Fly River provincial government would like to see similar services, made available to the people of Kiunga, North Fly and the whole province. He told the people that in his capacity as the mayor, he needed a bank like the National Development Bank to establish itself and provide the many good services it has been providing to other Papua New Guineans. 

He said the provincial government believed that through such programmes they could deliver services to the people to improve their livelihoods through business.

While addressing the National Developments Road show in Kiunga, Whan assured the NDB delegation that the Kiunga urban local level government is willing to provide support, with an office space should the bank decide to roll out its program soon. 

Boroko branch manager Tauna Asi assured the people that the bank was interested in rolling out its programme in Kiunga, and the ‘road show’ was clear indication that the bank would seriously consider establishing its office soon.

He said the banks current low interest rates on loans was a result of funding allocations from the national government, and the bank would continue to provide its lending service at a low interest rate.

Local businessman and Kenon Bengan shared his experience of the struggle with securing loans from financial institutions, and told the people he had a great belief and trust the NDB would provide the much needed lending service to enable more people to endeavour and grow their businesses.