Town needs development


THE oil and gas industry in Southern Highlands has been thriving for years.
After successive governments, Mendi town is yet to be developed.
What happened to the Tax Credit Scheme paid by the operators of the oil and gas company?
Where is that money? How much has been paid to the SHP government?
Southern Highlands has hardly seen any tangible development in Mendi town with William Powi being the governor for two terms.
If Governor Peter Ipatas can transform Enga, what skills and knowledge does Powi need to acquire?
Powi has a masters degree unlike Ipatas who is a grade 6 leaver.
This is just pathetic.
Mendi town is the pride of Southern Highlanders, please improve the image so we can be proud of our town and province.
The road system is just awkward.
No new buildings have been erected except the Agiru Centre, while the rest are 60’s and 70’s buildings.
Governor Powi please put a smile to our faces by making Mendi smarter and a better place to live.
If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask your kaim and comrade Governor Sir Peter on how to develop Mendi town.

Murumbu Naiko,


  • Governor need to repent. Becoz, he lacks love, sharing, help and wisdom. He needs to play honest game and equal sharing instead of diverting funds to his election Corinne’s companies for 22 election.

  • Politically right to mention Powi for the poor state of town but there are other contributing factors too. Currently, there’s no investor confidence in the town… can we attract investors if we have egoistic MPs, political issues, law & order issues, attitude problems, corrupt public servants, falling infrastructures (roads, hospital/health centers, schools, etc) and so forth. We need selfless leaders with wisdom to move the town and province forward.

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