Town needs expansion


CAN you see what is happening in Wewak town every day?
The worse time is pay week, during holidays or when our people from the other five districts come to Wewak.
The town is very crowded.
The people are like cows and the shops and bank are like the paddock or yard where people are struggling to eat the grass.
It’s happening right in front of the planner, governor, mayor, DDA, MP, big shots, acting big shots and the small shots.
The question is; what are you doing about it?
The sea is now coming into Windjammer road; Ela Motors and Post Office.
Again what are you people doing? These issues are happening right under your nose.
Are you blind?
The sea is coming into the Boram Hospital yet there are still new wards being built.
What is your alternate plan for future relocation?
In 10 years the sea will come right into the ward area.
Wewak town must be extended.
I appeal to the six members of parliament, the Governor, LLG presidents, the public servants, the business houses and the provincial planner to cooperate.
Can you confirm to the people when will the Yawasoro township go into its full development?
Tell us, if you have reserve land for town expansion and economic expansion for local businessman and investors to do business.
There are government land that is being occupied by illegal settlers who are causing social issues and land issues.
Zoning needs to be done to allow space for future developments and disallow squatting on state land right in the centre of Wewak town.
Traffic jam is another problem.
Let’s be like Nelson Mandela.
He listened to a boy on the street.
The boy said to Nelson Mandela “can we come together as one”.
Forget about the apartheid and racial discrimination.
So Mandela actioned this piece of wisdom.
Likewise, can you people please listen to the voice of a little person from the street?
This the voice of the wisdom calling as food for thought for you.

Leo Warren,
Penjenist – West Coast,
A concern citizen of Wewak

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