Town on beautification drive

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 THE new Maprik Urban local level government, in East Sepik, is looking forward to a better and cleaner town with steady economic growth.

Maprik Urban LLG Mayor Paul Dingu did not waste time after the LLG election to make Maprik a clean and beautiful town.

The town is picking up on its beautification effort and process as individuals, business houses, divisional heads and the private sector take responsibility for keeping their area clean. 

Dingu said the urban LLG was working on a cleanness and beautification programme. He said every Monday was a community day, which meant everyone was required to clean the town.

“We have bigger plans for the beautification programme,” Dingu said.

The programme would start at Maprik Secondary School, and include planting candle and palm trees.

“My ward councillors have been tasked to implement this beautification programme within their respective ward levels,” he said.

“Maprik MP John Simon is behind the beautification programme idea,” Dingu said.