Town police get new troop carrier

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The National, Friday 14th September 2012

THE Port Moresby town police station has been allocated a new Toyota 10-seater Landcruiser by the Royal PNG Constabulary.
The troop carrier was presented town police station commander Insp Robert Kurei at the Boroko police station.
NCD chief of operations Andy Bawa said the town police station had been without a vehicle for the past 10 years.
He said police personnel at the station had been using what was allocated to them by MPs and other corporate citizens.
Bawa praised Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga for recognising the need of the town police.
“This will help boost the morale of the policemen and women as the town area is the central business district where commercial activities are centred.”
Town police also look after prime residential areas occupied mainly by expatriates and senior Papua New Guinea citizens.
Bawa also warned that any misuse of the vehicle would not be entertained.
“I urged the station commander and his police officers to take ownership of the vehicle and use it only for work purposes.”
“Be responsible because the vehicle was paid using taxpayers’ money. As such, the people want the police perform their duty and enforce law and order.”
Kurei thanked the constabulary for allocating a vehicle for  town police.
“We have been operating without a vehicle for the last 10 months.”